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Each day, tradesmen all over the country, leave their families and work tirelessly in all weather conditions and under extreme physical and mental pressure. There are real risks that come by working on a building site. Accidents happen every day and often, by no fault of their own.

Nothing concerns us more than when we sit down with a husband, a father; the sole or main bread winner of a family, a self-employed tradie, and he has either no or limited risk insurance protection. We immediately think of what that family with a $400,000 mortgage and three hungry mouths to feed would do if something were to happen to dad.

We become extremely concerned when meeting with that same person who has $20,000 sitting in an old superannuation fund and hasn’t contributed to his superannuation since doing his apprenticeship 20 years ago. It’s always; I’ve been meaning to start contributing or researching today’s options.

What would happen if they were seriously injured or worse,  temporarily or permanently disabled?

Or what will they do at age 65, and they can no longer physically work and they have not prepared adequately for retirement?

The above is a common story that we find with many families. In almost all cases it is a matter of being too busy to address these issues or finding them overwhelming. We’re concerned for our nation’s trade workers. We appreciate what they do for their families, our communities and our economy.

Whitehead Financial are here to provide transparent and uncomplicated financial planning advice.

Our Packages

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Tradie Starter Package

Starting out as a new tradie can be an exciting but also a confusing process, often resulting in putting off tasks concerning your financial future. Here at Whitehead Financial we are able to provide a unique service that will support you financially when you start your career, giving you peace of mind while you focus on the job.


Tradie Family Package

Working with young families is something we feel very passionate about, whether its protecting the income of the main bread winner, saving for a family holiday, creating worth for the generations of the family or saving for retirement. We can provide a one stop shop for all your financial needs, meaning it is only one phone call away.