DIY Tools

Every successful tradesman needs a good set of tools. Here you’ll find some useful tools to assist you in broadly assessing some of your requirements dependent on your life-stage and circumstances. If you’re interested in a more detailed solution, please contact us we would be happy to assist you.

Superannuation & Your Financial Future

For many of us our Superannuation can well become our largest asset so taking an active interest will also be beneficial. This section contains easy to understand information that can help you grow and protect your wealth.


Find Your Lost Super

SuperSeeker is a tool that will help you look for your lost and unclaimed super and provide you with a list of possible matches.


Consolidate Your Super

Consolidating your super fund accounts takes a bit of effort in the short term but will reward you in the long term. Feel in control and watch your super grow.

Super Contributions

Super Contributions

If you make additional contributions to your super, this calculator can optimise your impact for retirement.

Financial Stability Tools

Like most things when it comes to managing your money, the more prepared you are the better the outcome. This section contains easy to understand information that can help you grow and protect your wealth. Need a more detailed dicussion or an individual review of your current situation? Please contact us we would be happy to assist you.

Financial Health Check

Financial Health Check

Get you finances into shape and find opportunities to help you achieve better financial outcomes with your free Financial Health Check.

Credit Report

Check Your Credit

Australia’s leading credit reporting agency, Veda can help you better understand and manage your credit history, for free.

Budget Planning

Budget Planning

Work out where your money is going,  whether your income covers your expenses and potential saving opportunities.

Management Software


MyGov Account Management

A fast, simple and SECURE way to link a range of government related services. Manage your super, tax, medical, business registrations and more.


Trade Industry Business Management Software

We think Jobber is the simplest, most effective way to a run a trade business. Schedule jobs, manage clients, staff and your finances all with one software.


Tradie Management Software (FREE)

Although WaveApps offer less features than competitors like Jobber, this free alternative is great for individual contractors and small trade industry businesses.

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