90% of us are not in control of our lives – Take back control now!


90% of us are not in control of our lives – Take back control now!

Here I am with my beautiful wife Sarah and amazing daughter Matilda at this year’s The Age Melbourne Half Marathon in July.

I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with great health and have never suffered a serious illness or injury. I have always strived to eat well and exercise regularly, knowing that having the discipline to do these things will reap great benefits in the long term.

Having experienced the pain of watching my father go through significant health problems and far worse, going through the experience of my new born daughter Matilda go through congenital heart disease. Fortunately, both have recovered and are now happy and healthy.

What those experiences taught me was you truly have nothing without your health!

What is an NCA? non-communicable disease, is a medical condition or disease that is not caused by infectious agents (non-infectious or non-transmissible). NCDs can refer to chronic diseases which last for long periods of time and progress slowly. NCAs are the leading cause of death globally.

The four main NCA’s responsible for 63% of global deaths, and 90% of deaths within Australia being; respiratory disease, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The 4 main risk factors to NCA are lifestyle choices. Unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, smoking and excess alcohol.

So what are these statistics telling us? The biggest cause of death within Australia are directly related to lifestyle choices. This means we are in control of our own destiny and can change these statistics by making better health choices.

We all know how to change these things in our life. It’s simple – put healthier foods in your mouth and get off the couch and exercise for 30 minutes a day, right? It’s been the same advice for decades and it’s not bloody rocket science. But most people continue to ignore it. It’s because they haven’t yet discovered why they should change.

Why do I want to live a long and healthy life? Because I want to be around to experience everything this amazing world has to offer; I want to travel and see the world with my wife Sarah. I want to grow old and watch my baby girl Matilda raise a family and become a mother. I want to be an example to Matilda so she grows up making healthy lifestyle choices. But quite often, people only tend to discover the importance of their why all too late.

So take a step back and ask yourself what you enjoy in this life. That’s the reason why you should make the change, because you could lose that in an instant.

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