June 2016 Video Blog #4- Brexit & Saving for retirement

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June 2016 Video Blog #4- Brexit & Saving for retirement


In this video we discuss:

#1: Brexit and how it may effect you as an investor. Please click here to access the Mercer Investment information.

#2: Superannuation- there are heaps of fee savings and also tax effective strategies that can help fund for your retirement. Check out the case study below


Superannuation Case Study

Case study 1
The chart above is a recent example of the fee savings we were able to make when working with a client.

The client had 5 different industry superannuation accounts from different employers, firstly we were able to locate all the superannuation amounts from their MyGov account.

From here we carried a risk investment profile for the client which determined the client to be a BALANCED investor.

We than conducted a review of each super fund and found insurance premiums being taken from each fund that the client wasn’t aware of.

After a full review we were able to save the client nearly $600 per year in fee’s plus consolidate all the super and insurance into one place, making it more manageable.

The savings in chart above actually includes our fee for service, which is taken directly from the superannuation fund.

In summary the client now has;

  • 1 Superannuation Fund, which is more manageable for them in the future
  • Saving $600 per year
  • Plus have a financial adviser to look after the account, saving the client time whilst funding for retirement.

For most people retirement is probably the last thing on their mind, however there are a number of tax advantages of using your superannuation effectively.

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the information above may not to relevant to your personal situation and is of a general nature, please consider if this is right for you by giving us a call to discuss

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